It's Damp Season

Untreated damp can cause significant damage to your property.

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RH Preservation Damp Proofing Services

Damp proofing Sunderland, Newcastle and Durham properties for over thirty years. Any signs of damp, contact us today for a free no obligation survey.

Damp Proofing

Rising damp, penetrating damp, failed damp proof course? A correct diagnosis is crucial for effective damp proofing, contact us today for a free no obligation survey.

Timber Treatment

Timber infestation and rot can cause significant structural issues to your property. Our surveyors will diagnose the issue and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Wall Tie Replacement

Wall ties can corrode over time and cause structural damage. Key indicators are cracks in the masonry, bulging walls and lifting of roof edges.

Damp proofing your home

Damp musty smell? There are tell tale signs of damp in a property and if caught early it can be a straightforward fix. RH Preservation have been damp proofing Sunderland properties for over thirty years and that experience helps us identify an issue early, repair it quickly and the damp will not return, guaranteed.

We have identified and fixed damp issues in many homes throughout Sunderland and the North East. If you have any signs of damp please contact us today.

Condensation, the modern curse

Condensation is rarely an issue in the summer but come the dark nights and the temperature drops it is time to get the squeegee or window vac out.

As we make our homes more energy efficient with better insulation we raise the internal temperature but in doing so we are also raising levels of moisture.

Do you suffer from black mould build up or the morning ritual of clearing the windows? If so, please contact us, with over thirty years in the industry we understand condensation and the impact it has and we are happy to share that experience.

Black Spot Mould

Black spot mould can be a significant issue in the bathroom and kitchen. The higher levels of moisture present the perfect environment for mould to grow.

Mould is a symptom of a wider issue. What is causing damp in your property? Condensation, penetrating damp or rising damp?

Condensation is the most likely cause of black spot mould and poor ventilation will be the starting point. We offer advice on how best to eliminate mould growth and offer a range of solutions to prevent it returning.

Damp Proofing Sunderland for over thirty years

RH Preservation provide a range of damp proofing services in Sunderland and throughout the North East.


What our customers say about us…

“…He did over and above the work required. No hesitations recommending him…””

“I have had a problem with damp patches on this wall for years and several builders have tried to solve the problem with no success. I was recommended to this company by a friend who had used them before. ”

“Very reasonably priced carried out all works quickly, efficiently and to a very high standard.”

RH Preservation

RH Preservation offer dampproofing, penetrating damp, rising damp, condensation, timber infestation, wet rot, dry rot and wall tie corrosion services. 

Our service area includes Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, Durham, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Middlesbrough. 

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