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Six steps to prevent condensation

How to prevent condensation. As our homes are now more energy efficient we have to rethink how we live as the modern home does not 'breathe' the way it used to. Please see below six steps to take in dealing with condensation... Increase ventilation. This is the first...

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What is Condensation?

Condensation is rarely an issue in the summer but come the dark nights and the temperature drops it is time to get the squeegee or window vac out. What causes condensation? In a nutshell, modern living. As we make our homes more energy efficient with better insulation...

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Penetrating Damp

What are the signs of Penetrating Damp? Penetrating damp is as the name suggests, water passing through the external wall of a building causing damage to the structure and internal skin of the property. Look out for the signs of penetrating damp Musty smell Damp...

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