Condensation is rarely an issue in the summer but come the dark nights and the temperature drops it is time to get the squeegee or window vac out.

What causes condensation?

In a nutshell, modern living.

As we make our homes more energy efficient with better insulation we raise the internal temperature but in doing so we are also raising levels of moisture. Improved insulation requires improved ventilation as the property will no longer have the exchange of air that it did before the insulation was fitted.

The moisture in our homes is generated by everyday living; cooking, cleaning, laundry. With the windows closed and insulated walls that moisture is contained.

Increased levels of moisture then hit a cold surface such as a window or external wall and water droplets appear.

The impact of condensation

Condensation can cause internal damage to your home and has an impact on health. It can lead to black mould and this unsightly mould can cause chest problems and skin irritation.

If left for a prolonged period a build-up of condensation can cause damage to the internal skin of a building.

How do you combat condensation?

Ventilation, insulation and an even temperature.

Improve the ventilation throughout your home taking care to place furniture away from walls and not to overfill cupboards. Keep the door closed on rooms that you do not heat. You can keep a window open but it is far from practical when the frosts arrive, install extractor fans in key rooms.

Adding insulation to your property will keep the walls above the temperature where moisture in the air turns into beads of water. When adding insulation to your property you must consider ventilation as stated earlier install extractor fans and if you have double glazing consider trickle vents.

Maintaining an even temperature throughout your home will help you combat condensation. Be mindful of cold spots throughout your property and remember condensation will appear when warm moist air meets a cold surface.

For further guidance please see our post on preventing condensation.

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