Wall Tie Replacement

Wall tie replacement is often necessary in buildings in the UK constructed after 1920 as they are primarily constructed using cavity walls. The wall tie is a metal tie used to secure the outer wall to the inner brick or block wall. The cavity wall ties used in older buildings did not have a protective coating causing them to perish over time.

This deterioration in the wall tie can lead to a number of issues. The two Key issues being; wall tie failure causing instability within the wall and wall tie expansion causing cracks in the mortar they are secured in.

Signs of wall tie failure

Cracks in the mortar bed. Wall ties are often spaced in a diamond pattern and when the wall ties corrode this cracking can appear at regular intervals

Internal cracks. Again this is due to expansion of the wall tie but could also be wall movement linked to wall tie failure.

Roof edges lifting. Multiple wall tie expansion can result in the roof lifting.

Bulging walls. This is linked to wall tie expansion or failure or in some cases both.

Wall Tie Replacement

In the event of a surveyor identifying a problem the wall ties will need to be replaced. We have a host of options to replace the wall tie but this will be highlighted in the surveyor’s report.

Most modern wall ties are made of stainless steel and they can be fixed in place using either mechanical or resin fixings. When we have installed the new wall ties it is important to isolate the existing wall ties to prevent any further damage. We have a range of methods for this and our surveyor will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Cavity wall tie replacement is a significant alteration to the property and we would advise selecting a company to undertake this work with great care. RH Preservation have been in the industry for over thirty years and are more than happy to provide details of our prior work.

Arrange a survey

If you have any of the signs of wall tie failure, please contact us to arrange for a member of our team to visit your property and carry out a survey. Our surveyor will carry out a thorough assessment, offer advice and highlight if any corrective work is required.

Our surveyor will…

  • Carry out a full external appraisal of the property
  • Locate the wall ties using a metal detector
  • Drill an access hole and inspect the wall ties using a borescope
  • Grade the wall ties
  • Cover any access holes that are used for inspection.

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